Our Analysis

We classify our investment strategy into two broad categories

Fundamental Analysis

This part of the strategy constitutes the examination of key aspects to a company’s overall financial performance. We employ various critical quantitative metrics that facilitate us in ensuring accuracy in our research outcome.

We consistently look out for growth stocks selling at a reasonable price in the major equities markets. The ability to present our research in a simple yet sophisticated manner, allows our clients to have an in depth understanding of the major risks involved in their prospective investment.

Our team’s well-founded bedrock of experience in analyzing the global macro-economic climate grants us the propensity to craft a portfolio of equities that will consistently outperform major benchmarks.

Technical Analysis

This serves to complement our fundamental analysis, as we utilize an arsenal of advanced technical strategies to better time our entries in the market. Given the volatile nature of the market today, the importance of technical analysis has risen profoundly as funds and retail investors worldwide look to protect against the downside, while timing exits on profitable positions.

By employing an array of highly versatile techniques aided by the cutting-edge Reuters Eikon software, we seek to gain an esoteric interpretation on the prevailing market sentiment in an effort to make a more accurate research outcome.